Maarika Martins

is making comics, drawing gal pals, and drinking green tea

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  • Albert the Mail Squirrel (Goldwood Chronicles issue #7)
  • Polly the Piglet (Goldwood Chronicles issue #6)
  • Sindy the Snake (Goldwood Chronicles issue #5)
  • Goldwood Chronicles Volume 1 (Issues #1-4)
  • Inga the Deer (Goldwood Chronicles issue #4)
  • Agnes the Bear (Goldwood Chronicles issue #3)
  • Olga the Owl (Goldwood Chronicles issue #2)
  • Mia the Lynx (Goldwood Chronicles issue #1)


I’m Maarika, a comic creator and an illustrator from Estonia. I have graduated from the department of Media and Advertisement Design in Tartu Art College. My creative process is fueled by a cup of green tea and delicious vegan food.

Currently I’m working on the Goldwood Chronicles comic book series which is about cute animals facing hardships and great challenges (you can read some of it for free). My goal is to tell positive and uplifting stories through my artwork.

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